How to View and Delete Browsing History on SeaMonkey

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Remembering Web sites you visited can be difficult when you go to many of them every day. In addition, a Web history is also helpful when you check the same pages frequently but don't include them in your bookmarks. Viewing and deleting your browsing history lets you cut down on files in your Internet folders.

Install the SeaMonkey Application Suite

Pull up the SeaMonkey home page (see Resources below).

Close any programs you have running including virus protection.

Choose the download you want based on the operating system you are running on your computer.

Read the licensing agreement and 'Accept' to continue installation.

Select which version of SeaMonkey application suite you would like. You can choose to install just the browser or you can get the complete suite which includes email and newsgroup managers, among other features.

Manage Your Browsing History on SeaMonkey

Click the arrow on the address bar to access the browsing history and see recently viewed Web pages.

View the History window by pressing Control + H on the keyboard.

Choose the Go menu and select History from the options on the drop-down list.

Use the toolbar to search through your browsing history. You can choose to view by Web site name or by when you visited the site. You can also sort your browsing history.

Delete Your Browsing History on Mozilla's Sea Monkey

Open the Edit menu from the navigation toolbar and choose the Preferences option.

Select the History option under the Navigator menu.

Choose to either 'Clear History' completely from all of your Web browsing or choose just to clear the location bar history so you can still view Web sites in your browsing history.

Customize your browser history by selecting how many days items SeaMonkey will remember your visited sites.


  • check The Navigator Preferences section of the SeaMonkey Help menu contains a detailed section about managing browsing history.
  • check Deleting browsing history often can help to ensure privacy on computers that might be shared between multiple people.
  • check SeaMonkey users need to have 64 MB RAM and 100 MB free disk space available to run the application suite. They must also be operating Linux, Windows 95-XP or Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.


  • close Be aware that these history-managing and deleting instructions were created using SeaMonkey version 1.1.1. Subsequent or previous versions may use different instructions.

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