How to Get Videos From Windows Media Player to Facebook

by Andrew Aarons
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As the Internet continues to evolve, it becomes easier to integrate a variety of media formats on different platforms. Facebook has expanded since its inception to include a calendar and marketplace and countless applications, from Traveler IQ Challenge to Compare Friends. It allows you to share media too, including anything that you might find on YouTube or that is stored locally in your own media libraries. Getting your videos online is a pretty simple job.

Step 1

Locate the videos that are stored in your Windows Media Player library. Open Media Player and click on Video in the left-hand navigation pane. All of the videos stored in your library will be displayed here. It's important to understand that these video files don't belong to Media Player: The files are physically kept outside of Media Player and you need to locate them on your hard drive.

Step 2

Click on the "View Options" button beside the search bar and select "Details." Right-click anywhere along the top bar (where it lists the name and time) and choose "Select columns." Scroll through this list until you see "File path" and check the box next to it. Now you can look through your videos and find where they are located on your hard disk. You'll need this information when you upload to Facebook.

Step 3

Open a new browser window and log in to your Facebook account. Along the very top of your profile -- the first page you see when you log in -- you'll see a "Share:" section, with four or more options, depending on which Facebook apps you've loaded. Click on "Video." Choose "Upload a Video from your drive." Click on the "Choose File" button and then browse to the file path you identified in Windows Media Player.

Step 4

Click on the specific file you wish to upload. Be aware of some of the limits of the Facebook video tool. Videos cannot exceed 20 minutes in length or 1GB in size. You shouldn't upload commercial content, as it may be deleted by administrators. Not every video format is accepted (for a full list, see Resources) but most files that will play in Media Player will also play on Facebook.

Click "Open" to confirm your file choice. Type a message about the video, if you choose, and set permissions for Facebook (you can choose to share the video with everyone, your friends and networks, friends of friends, friends only or a custom list of contacts) then click "Share" to begin uploading the file.

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