Video-Editing Software for Children

By Nicholas Delzotto

Children enjoy video editing software with a highly visual interface.
i little girl and computer image by Renata Osinska from

If your child is aiming to become the next Stephen Spielberg, technology should not be a barrier. Feature-packed premium editing programs can have a sharp learning curve and can easily interrupt a child's creative flow. When it is time to edit, parents should look for software that is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Fortunately, there are a number of child-friendly editing programs available.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is free and can be downloaded with the Windows Essentials Package (link in Resources). This editor has all the basic features needed to create video and children will easily adapt to the clean interface and pictograph icons. Your child will love the built-in themes that give the movie a professional finish with just one click. Movie Maker also features an easy way to publish the video online to YouTube and Facebook so you can easily share the finished product with friends and family.


If you have a Mac, iMovie comes free with the operating system (link in Resources). This is a tried-and-true editing platform well known for its ease of use, high-quality output and the countless school video projects created with it. iMovie has all the standard video editing features plus free themes, templates and even an animated travel map to spice up family vacation videos. Publishing and sharing is straightforward and videos can be sent to iTunes where you can share them on other Apple devices. If your child prefers working on an iPad or other iOS device, there is an iMovie app available in the App Store.


If you are looking for editing software that your child can grow into, Cyberlink's PowerDirector is an appropriate choice. PowerDirector manages to pack over 400 editing tools and effects in its software and yet still boasts an easy-to-use interface. When your child is ready to dive into working with keyframes, chroma keys, picture-in-picture overlays and stop motion video, PowerDirector has it all and more.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe's Premiere Elements (link in Resources) is a stripped down version of Adobe's professional grade Premiere Pro. Premiere Elements features a Quick Edit mode that allows users to quickly drag-and-drop to create a movie. There are also an impressive amount of automated options like tools to balance audio and fix shaky video. Premiere Elements, developed from the same makers of the popular photo editing software Photoshop, is a perfect entry-level video editing platform from which to expose your child to the creative workshop of Adobe.

Video Editing Apps for Tablets and Smartphones

If your child prefers working on an smartphone or tablet, user-friendly apps are available. For iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, the iMovie app is a popular choice that works well with the multi-touch platforms. For devices running on Android, VidTrimPro (link in Resources) provides trimming, frame grabbing, transcoding and easy ways to share video with friends.