How to Take a Video With a Sony Cybershot Camera

By Robert Schrader

Cyber-shot is Sony's digital camera imprint, one which comprises not only basic "point and shoot" cameras, but also professional-grade digital single-lens reflex cameras. Although capabilities and specifications vary among different models, certain aspects of their functions are standardized. One such function is video shooting. No matter whether you use the DSLR-A300X or the DSC-W310 point and shoot, shooting a video with your Sony Cyber-shot camera requires only a few turns and touches.

Step 1

Insert a memory card into your camera--preferably one that's least 2 GB in size--and turn the camera on. Although the size in which your Sony Cyber-shot encodes video will vary depending on the model, use as large a memory card as possible.

Step 2

Switch your Sony Cyber-shot into movie mode. If you use a point and shoot model such as the DSC-W310, you will do this either with a switch on the back of the camera or a wheel on the top. Adjust your switch or wheel so that the "Filmstrip" icon is selected.

Press your shutter release button to begin shooting video. Verify that your video is recording by looking for the letters "REC" in red on your Cyber-shot's LCD screen. Press the shutter release button again to stop recording video.