How to Video Conference Using Skype

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Communicate with family and friends with video conference using Skype. Using video conference allows you to see the person you are talking to. Whether you're catching up with the grandparents or checking in with a friend, Skype makes it easy to connect for free over the Internet. Skype video calls can be made on a computer, cell phone or TV.


Sign up for a Skype account at Download the software to your computer.


Connect your webcam, if it's not already connected. Skype will detect your webcam after setup. From the "Video Options" screen you can see how you look by clicking "Test Webcam."


Enable video. To use the video, be sure "enable" is set in your Skype settings under "Tools," "Options," "Video Settings." Check the box "start my video automatically."


Start a video call. Start by clicking on "Video Call" from the contact you want to call. The person you are talking to must also have a webcam and a Skype account. If the person does not have Skype account, you can call a landline or cell phone, but there will be a charge per minute.


Start talking. Be sure you have your headset on first. You should now see the person on your webcam.


  • A headset provides better quality than a microphone and speakers.
  • Check that the person you call also has a webcam set up correctly.

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