How to Video Conference Over the Internet

by Ty Arthur
Creative Labs

There are many times when you may need to have a face to face conversation with multiple people in different geographical areas at the same time. Rather than spending the money to have them all fly to the same location, you can easily make communication possible by using video conferencing over the Internet. These steps will help you to set up your next virtual meeting.

Step 1

Connect your web enabled camera to your computer's USB or serial port.

Step 2

Have the other individuals who will be taking part in the video conference also install a web camera to their respective computers.

Step 3

Set up a computer compatible microphone if your web camera does not have voice input capability.

Step 4

Download and install a software program that allows the transfer of video and audio over the Internet. You can use free programs, such as as AOL Instant Messenger, or you may want to consider purchasing higher end software if you will have more than a few people in the conference or need higher quality video.

Open and run the video conferencing software and have all of the other people connect to your conference session.


  • If many people need to view the conference but only one person needs to speak, you can connect your computer to a television screen using an "S-video" cable.


  • Video conferencing will take up a large portion of your broadband Internet access that could possibly interrupt the connections of other people if you are on a small computer network.

Items you will need

  • Computer Web cam

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