How to Find a Video Card Serial Number

by Naomi Bolton

Whether you need the serial number of your video card to register the card for a rewards program or technical support, you'll typically find it on a sticker on the actual card. If opening your computer and rooting around inside for the sticker sounds like too much of a chore, you might be better off checking the packaging, documentation or even invoice for the serial number. As a last resort, you might also be able to use software to determine the serial number, but this has a very low probability of success.

Check The Packaging or Documentation

Unless the interior of your computer is easily accessible, well lit and the serial number is not placed somewhere obscure on the card, it is usually more convenient to check the packaging or the documentation. Modern video cards ship in large boxes that contain a list of all the features packed by the card and the serial number printed on a sticker label. The label is typically on the side of the box along with the barcode and part number. Check for the words "Serial No," "S/N" or "Serial Number" followed by a string of digits and letters. If you have already discarded the box (let's face it, some of them are rather bulky) check the documentation that came with the card for a label with the serial number.

Check The Video Card

If your need to declutter got the better of you and you tossed out the video card box along with the documentation, you will have to check the card itself for the serial number. The serial number is usually printed on a sticker rather than on the card. Check for a white or green sticker that is typically stuck to the underside of the card (the side that doesn't have the heat sink or fans attached.) Depending on the size and configuration of your computer case, you might have to remove the card from the motherboard to get a closer look at the sticker. Just remember to switch off the computer and detach any connections before doing so!

Check The Invoice

If you were diligent enough to save the invoice for the video card, you might find that it lists the serial number of the card. A printed copy of the invoice is usually included with the video card when shipped and you may also have received an electronic copy of the invoice via email. More than likely though, the number on the invoice will be the SKU which is used by the store to keep track of products and not the actual serial number. You can, however, contact the store using the number on the invoice to inquire if they have kept a record of the serial number for the video card.

Check Using Software

As the serial number is printed on a sticker and not embedded in the video card it is unlikely that you will be able to use software to check. Diagnostic utilities such as Piriform Speccy and GPU-Z (see Resources) are able to query the video card and display relevant information such as the manufacturer, model and device ID, but rarely the actual serial number of the card. The device manager of the operating system, as well as any utilities supplied with the card, is also able to display only the information programmed into the card, such as the BIOS version, device ID and part number, but finding the serial number this way is a long shot.

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