How to Video Capture With an Empia USB

By Palmer Owyoung

Use your Empia USB device driver with EZ Capture so you can chat online.
i digital camera 6 image by Harvey Hudson from

The Empia USB is a device driver that is used with the EZ Capture USB cable and can be used to turn most digital cameras into a webcam. The device driver is necessary so that your PC will recognize the EZ Capture device and communicate with your digital camera. This will allow you to do video chats online without having to buy another gadget.

Download and install the Empia USB driver to your computer (see Resources). Double-click on the file and wait for it to install.

Buy an EZ Cap device. You can get one for as low as $15, as of 2010.

Connect your digital camera to the audio/video cables that came with it. If you don't still have these you can purchase them from a local computer store for about $10, as of 2010.

Remove the cap of the EZ Cap device and plug it into the USB port of your computer or laptop.

Grab the four cables from the EZ Cap. One cable is yellow, one is red, another is white.

Connect the color-coded cables to the audio/video cables of your camera. Connect the yellow cables together, red together and white together.

Click your desktop's "Start" menu, click "Computer" and click on the EZ Cap icon. Turn on the digital camera. A new window will appear on the computer's screen where you can capture a picture or record a video.