Verizon Wireless Call & Message Blocking

By Gisela Chavez

Block unwanted phone calls with Verizon's Call & Message Blocking.
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Receiving spam text messages or phone calls to your cell phone can get irritating. When you want to stop getting junk text messages or block a person from calling you, simply activate call and message blocking on your Verizon Wireless cell phone. This service enables you to prevent unwanted messages or phone calls from reaching your cell phone and wasting your minutes or using up your text messaging plan.

Internet Messages

If you continuously receive spam text messages from Internet sources to your cell phone, you can block them using Verizon's Spam Controls. This is an online Verizon service accessible for all Verizon customers through My Verizon, which is the online user-created account. You can log into My Verizon and access "Spam Controls" through the "My Services" and "Verizon Safeguards" menus. Entering the email domain (@...) of the spam messages blocks that domain from contacting you. Verizon allows you to enter up to 15 email addresses or domains to block.

Call and Message Blocking

To block a specific number from calling your cell phone or sending you a message, access "Call & Message Blocking" from your My Verizon account online. From the "Spam Controls" menu, you must select the "Call & Message Blocking" link. This service allows Verizon customers to choose up to five phone numbers to block. Once the numbers are in the Verizon system, they can no longer contact you with messages or phone calls.


Blocked numbers must be in the 10-digit format (including area code). The system cannot block numbers that are less than 10-digits, such as 911 or 411. Verizon customers also cannot block numbers that are within their plan. For example, if a mother and daughter share a Verizon family plan, the daughter cannot block the mother from contacting her. The Call & Message Blocking service expires after 90 days from the first day of blocking. After the 90 days, if you wish to continue blocking certain numbers, you may log in once again to My Verizon and re-enter the numbers.

Unblocking Numbers

After a number is blocked, you do have the option to unblock it to receive calls and messages from the number once again. To unblock numbers, access Spam Controls through My Verizon online. Your blocked numbers will appear on the screen. Simply highlight the number you wish to unblock, press "Delete" on your keyboard and select "Apply."