My Verizon Phone Is Dropping Calls

By Gisela Chavez

Tall buildings can interfere with signal strength and cause dropped calls.
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When you unexpectedly find yourself carrying on a conversation with a dead phone connection, you have just experienced a dropped call. Dropped calls occur when a phone conversation is cut off either on your end or from the other person's phone. With Verizon Wireless phones, dropped calls can occur due to a number of reasons. Troubleshoot the reasons for your dropped calls and find a solution to the problem.

Service Area

Dropped calls can sometimes be caused by wandering outside the service area. If you're on the outer edges of Verizon's coverage area, such as out in the country, you'll most likely experience dropped calls. Your cellphone can't receive a strong signal so it doesn't have the capacity to keep a phone connection for an extended period of time. You can solve this problem by moving closer to the service area, usually closer to a city, to make phone calls. Check Verizon's coverage map for service area locations.

Old Equipment

Constant dropped calls may be the result of old or poorly-maintained equipment. Older phones with aged technology don't receive tower signals as well as new phones, which can result in dropped calls. Poorly maintained phones that received water damage or were frequently dropped won't function as well as other phones. If the antenna was damaged due to poor maintenance, then the phone may drop calls more frequently than it should.

Dysfunctional Equipment

Sometimes dysfunctional or faulty equipment can result in dropped calls. If your Verizon phone is new and has been properly maintained but is still dropping calls, then the phone may have faulty wiring or faulty jacks. You can request repair service from Verizon or another cellphone provider to correct this.

Outside Sources

Dropped calls can also occur due to outside sources. Entering a tunnel or driving in mountainous areas can cause your phone to drop calls because it can't reach a tower signal. Tall buildings can also interfere with your phone's ability to receive a signal, which will make it drop phone calls. Calling a wireless landline phone that has weak batteries can impact the quality of the phone call as well.