How to Verify QuickBooks Registration

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You can use QuickBooks for up to 30 days without registering the product. After that you must register to keep the software active. Registration is free and provides the owner of the software with update notifications and technical support. If you install the application on a new computer, or if you reformat the hard drive and reinstall QuickBooks, you must reregister the software. You can verify the registration status and launch the registration wizard from the Product Information window in QuickBooks.

Verify Registration

Step 1

Open the QuickBooks application.

Step 2

Press the “F2“ key on the keyboard in the active QuickBooks window. The Product Information box opens to display the Registered or Unregistered” message. If the product is registered, you have verified the registration. If the product is not registered, proceed to the next section to register.

Click the “X” to close the Product Information box.

Register Product

Step 1

Click the “Help” option in the top navigation menu to open the Help menu.

Step 2

Click the “Register QuickBooks” option to open the Registration wizard.

Step 3

Click the “Begin Registration” option to open the Registration form.

Step 4

Complete the Registration form and follow the prompts to register the product.

Press “F2“ after the registration process is completed to verify the registration in the Product Information window.


  • Information in these steps applies to Intuit QuickBooks, versions 2007 through 2013. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of the software.


  • If you need to reregister your copy of QuickBooks due to a new computer or drive, you will need to know the original ZIP code and phone number used to register the product.
  • You can view your license number for QuickBooks by clicking the “Help” option in the top navigation bar, and then clicking “About QuickBooks.” You can also find your license number on a sticker on the original installation CD.


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