Velocity Video Editing Software

By Sam Fitz

Velocity video editing software can be used on a computer to add professional effects to recorded video.
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VelocityHD is a post-production, high definition video editing system. It supports 1080i, 1080PsF and 720p HD formats, flexible input and output choices, and work completed with it can be exported to most common file types.


VelocityHD is a non-linear editing system, which means that any single frame can be reached instantaneously for editing without having to scrub or play through frames adjacent to it.


VelocityHD includes all the features of Velocity dual-stream and VelocityQ multi-stream editors in a high definition format. Old features brought back include user-definable hot keys, multiple timeline support and multi-clip editing. A newly introduced feature is "Integrated Full-Quality Multi-Camera Editing™," which allows for editing multiple clips simultaneously and editing clips playing at faster than real-time.


The optional A3DX 3D DVE daughtercard features standard-definition effects like perspectives, warps, rotation and real-time masks. A benefit of installing it to use with Velocity editing software is that it uses resources on the card itself to run the program, so the computer system it's attached to does not bog down or act as a bottleneck for performance.