What Is Veetle TV?

By Andy Joseph

A man has his laptop plugged into a TV.
i Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

In 2008, a group of Stanford grad students got together to form Veetle, which is a live video streaming, viewing and broadcasting service. Veetle provides two types of plugins, one of which is called Veetle TV. Functioning as a plugin for Internet browsers, Veetle TV enables you to watch live streaming HD video channels. Veetle TV is also available as an app for iOS and Android operating systems. Currently, Veetle plugins are not compatible with Mac OS and the Safari Web browser.


You can download Veetle TV from the Veetle website or as an app from Apple Store and Google Play. Once you install Veetle TV on your PC, tablet or smartphone, you can watch videos that cover a variety of subjects and interests. For instance, people can host podcasts, show their music performances, film a day at the beach, record football practices, share video recordings of weddings and birthday parties, or show the world the newest tricks their pets have learned.

Veetle Broadcaster

Uploading videos at Veetle are made possible with the other available Veetle plugin, Veetle Broadcaster. With this plugin, you can choose to be more than just a spectator. You, too, can upload videos and share them with an audience that Veetle estimates at over 10 million viewers a month.