Are VCRs Still Made?

By Tara Dodrill

You can still buy a VCR!
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The VCR has not gone the way of the dinosaur just yet. The once expensive pieces of movie watching equipment are now available at discount retailers for a fraction of the cost that video cassette recorders once demanded.

Buy a VCR

Current manufacturers of video cassette recorders consider the devices disposable and do not stock replacement parts. Since the year 2000, companies making video cassette recorders have been manufacturing a limited number of the devices each year to fulfill consumer desire to play video cassettes. Most retailers no longer stock video cassettes in their stores, which will one day eliminate the need to make the recorders.

VCR Repair

Electronic companies that supply parts for a vast array of devices still carry components needed to repair video cassette recorders. While the practice of manufacturing parts might not remain viable indefinitely, consumers may still be able to keep an older VCR running.

Product Need

Video cassette recorders have long since been replaced by DVD players in most homes and learning institutions. But that does not mean the devices are not still considered useful by some consumers. Millions of educational videos were once made in the VCR format. Due to the economic restrictions of replacing a vast library of tapes, many educators still need VCRs in their classrooms.