What Is V Cast With Verizon?

By Gisela Chavez

V Cast allows users to upload pictures and videos to social network sites.
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Cell phones allow users to do much more than simply make phone calls. Many cell phone providers, such as Verizon Wireless, allow customers to add additional services and features to their mobile devices to meet their needs. V Cast is one of Verizon's cell phone and computer applications that users can purchase for an additional monthly fee.

V Cast Basics

V Cast is a mobile device and computer application that allows users access and download various forms of entertainment and media from their cell phones. Users can download and listen to music, watch TV shows and organize pictures from their cell phones using V Cast. Users must consult a Verizon representative before purchasing as only certain phones can support V Cast.


V Cast allows users to purchase and download MP3 format songs onto their cell phones or computers. V Cast Music with Rhapsody is a specific V Cast service allowing customers to use the online music store, Rhapsody, in conjunction with their cell phones and computers to meet their music needs. Users can move songs from their computers to their phones and vice versa. Songs may be used for multiple cell phone purposes, such as ring tones and alarms.

Media Storage

V Cast Media Manager is available for purchase as a desktop application, an online application and a cell phone application. The desktop application allows users to transfer and manipulate cell phone videos and pictures on their computers. Users can also make slideshows and video playlists from the videos and pictures transferred from their phones. As an online application, V Cast Media Manager gives users the opportunity to shares their cell phone videos and pictures with others via the Internet. They may upload media to social networks and request photo printing at local retailers. V Cast for cell phones lets users save videos and pictures in an online storage database as well as upload to social network sites.


V Cast Video on Demand is a service that allows users to watch videos on their mobile devices. Users can watch live sporting events, such as football games and golf tournaments. TV shows and news programs are also available for viewing at any time as long as the cell phone receives reception. Users can choose from a variety of video categories, such as entertainment, multicultural, Latino and comedy.