Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab With Rosetta Stone

by Fred Decker
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Rosetta Stone's language-learning software takes advantage of your computer's audio and video capabilities to provide a language-immersion environment, using spoken words and corresponding photo illustrations to help you learn new languages in much the same way you learned your native tongue. The company has several apps for iOS and launched a companion app for Android in late 2011. Called the TOTALe companion, it is available to all subscribers of the TOTALe online learning service, and it runs on Samsung Galaxy tablets and other Android devices.

Installing TOTALe Companion

Step 1

Launch the Android Market app on your tablet. When the Google Play store opens, type "totale companion" in the search field and tap the on-screen "Enter" key or the magnifying-glass "Search" icon.

Step 2

Select "TOTALe Companion" from your search results and tap the word "Free." The app's Play page will open.

Tap the "Install" button, and then tap the "Accept and Download" button. TOTALe Companion will download and install on your tablet.

Using TOTALe Companion

Step 1

Launch the Apps page on your tablet by tapping its icon. Swipe through your apps, if necessary, until you locate the icon for TOTALe Companion. Tap to launch the program.

Step 2

Select a lesson from the row of icons across the top of the app screen. Tap the icon and a box will pop up prompting you to download the content for that lesson. Ensure you have a connection to the Internet through Wi-Fi or cellular service and tap "Download."

Tap the "Start" button for your exercise once the download is complete. Tap the "Pause" button in the top right corner of the screen to temporarily suspend the exercise. You can use your Galaxy's built-in speakers and microphone, or connect a headset if you prefer.


  • The TOTALe Companion synchronizes with your main TOTALe online subscription and keeps track of your progress through the curriculum. Exercises you've done on your computer will show as completed on the mobile version and vice versa.
  • TOTALe is compatible with all three generations of Galaxy tablets, although your tablet must be running Android 2.3.7 or later.


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