Using a USB Cable to Download Photos to Your Computer

By Editorial Team

Updated December 11, 2019

Connecting your camera to your computer.
i USB cable image by David Ng from

Putting your digital photos on your personal computer is a great way to get immediate copies. To do this, you need to hook your camera up to your computer with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. Most digital cameras come with a USB cable, so you may already have one. Connecting your camera to your computer is straightforward, and it only takes a moment or two to download photos.

Turn on your camera and computer and connect the camera via the included USB cable. Consult the user guide for your particular model computer if you are having problems locating the USB port on your computer.

Wait for your computer to detect the connection. Once it does, a text box will appear asking what you would like to do with your pictures. If you are using a Mac, the iPhoto program will automatically open on your computer.

On a PC, click on the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard option in the box and wait for the program to open up. Click "Next" when the program opens up.

Click "Next" after having verified that the pictures displayed in the new window are the ones you would like to download. Uncheck the checkbox next to a photo if you do not want to download it. If using a Mac, simply click "Import" in the bottom corner of the window to download your photos to your library.

Type a name for the group of pictures you are downloading and then click "Browse." You will then be prompted to choose a location for your photos from a list of options. Do so and the pictures will then download to your computer.