Uses of Smartphone Applications

By Ashley Poland

Apps vary between phones, especially those that have different feature sets.
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There are no end to the usage and purposes of the smartphone applications that you can download for your phone; whether you use your phone for fun or for work, there are apps that can fit with your needs. Which apps are available for your smartphone depends on your brand and model of phone; some apps are universal while others are specific to certain brands.

Social Media and Communication

While not quite the most commonly used applications on smartphones, the ability to keep up with various social media sites is vital in a digitally connected age. Social media apps for Facebook and Twitter are common, as well as specialized apps for checking your email, connecting to your friends via instant message and making calls using VoIP services such as Skype and Vonage. There are also media websites, such as Google Voice, that offer Web apps--mobile versions of the website that act as apps.


The most popular use of applications on smartphones, there's a wide range of gaming apps that you can download for your smartphone, all depending on what brand of phone you have. You can find classic games rebooted for the smartphone, word games and even games made especially for the smartphone.

Entertainment and Internet

You can use smartphone apps to keep on top of your favorite websites; most entertainment-geared websites offer a version of their sites for mobile browsing, if not a full app. Some media services, such as Pandora, YouTube, and Hulu allow you to stream media directly to your phone via app so that you can watch videos and listen to music anywhere you go.


Smartphones can help you find local and destination information, allowing you to check the weather, track your location via GPS, find restaurants and events in your area, and even use services like Google Maps to get directions to where you're headed. You can also find apps to keep you up to date from your favorite news site, track your stocks and handle your banking.