Uses for 3V Lithium Batteries

By Jonathan Lister

The CMOS battery is typically located between the extension slots on a motherboard.
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Three-volt lithium batteries are among the most widely used power sources for electronic devices. They power a majority of the devices Americans use everyday without a thought to how they've managed to keep working this long without ever experiencing a power shortage. It may surprise some just what electronic devices are powered by these batteries, and just how many of them they own.

Digital Cameras

Most forms of digital cameras employ either a single-use 3V lithium battery or their rechargeable brethren. It's often the consumer's choice as to which set they will use. These batteries have multiple manufacturers including some camera companies. The batteries will generally offer enough power to take 300 to 600 pictures at a manageable expense of under $10.


Lithium batteries have a notoriously long life, making them ideal for use in emergency flashlights. A homeowner employs these low-usage batteries in their flashlights so that in the event of a power outage he can be confident that when he turns the flashlight on after a month sitting idle on the shelf, the light will still come on.

TV Remotes and Other Electronics

Button cell versions of 3V lithium batteries power some of a home's most underrated devices. TV, DVD and most home theater remote controls continue to respond to finger pressure because button cell 3V lithium batteries power them. In addition, that fob on your car's key chain that pops the trunk and locks and unlocks the vehicle has a 3V lithium battery. They're used in fob keys because of their long life, lasting years without ever needing to be replaced.