How to Find a User Name From the IP Address

by Jason Gabriel
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On any standard TCP/IP computer network, each member computer is assigned an IP address. IP addresses identify each computer on a network, and they also

establish where each computer is within the network. IP addresses are absolutely

integral parts of TCP/IP Internet networks; network protocols cannot properly

function without proper, working IP addresses. On some networks, one can

identify an IP address's network login information via the IP address itself.

Note that the method explored in this article might not work on some networks.

Step 1

Open up the "Start" menu.

Step 2

Click on "Run."

Step 3

Enter "Command" (minus the quotation marks) and press "OK." This will open up the command prompt window.

Step 4

Type "nbtstat --a ip" (minus the quotation marks); replace "ip" with the IP address that you're attempting to identify. Press Enter.

Step 5

Write down the output; this will be the machine name that corresponds to the IP address.

Step 6

Type "net view /domain:ad > c:\ip\ip.txt" (minus the quotation marks) and press Enter; replace c:\ with a different drive letter if c:\ is not your hard drive.

Step 7

Find "ip.txt" in c:\ip (or in whichever drive you placed the folder). Open the file.

Find, in ip.txt, (the machine name you determined in Step 4). The corresponding user name will be next to the machine name.


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