User Instructions for the Kodak EasyShare Camera

By Ann Mapleridge

Kodak EasyShare 800.

Kodak EasyShare cameras are exceptionally popular digital cameras designed for consumers who are looking for an inexpensive but effective way to take digital photographs. If you are looking to purchase a Kodak EasyShare camera, or if you already own one, learning to use the camera is easy and should only take a few minutes.

Scene Settings

Use the scene settings, such as Beach, Portrait, Night and Sand/Snow in your Kodak EasyShare camera for taking great pictures under different conditions. Depending on your Kodak EasyShare model, you will access the scene settings either through a wheel on top of the camera or by pressing the Menu button on the back of the camera.

Auto Features

Use Auto mode whenever possible. In the spirit of being easy, each EasyShare camera will default to being in fully automatic mode, which means the camera will automatically determine whether you need to use a flash and what ISO setting you should be using. A green camera icon typically designates Auto mode. Your camera will also automatically focus on objects. To use auto focus, press the shutter button on your camera down halfway. Once your subject is in focus, press the shutter button down the remainder of the way to take a photo.


Adjust your camera's ISO for different conditions. The ISO on your camera determines how sensitive your camera is to light. You can adjust the ISO yourself by pressing the button on the back of the camera marked "ISO." Typically, you will use a low ISO for bright situations where you want your sensor to be less sensitive to light and a high ISO for situations where you want it to be more sensitive.

Uploading Pictures

Upload pictures from your camera to your computer by using the included USB cable. Each Kodak EasyShare camera comes with a USB cable that can be used to connect your camera to your computer, as well as some basic photo editing software (found on a CD in the box). Kodak also makes docks for its digital cameras that you can leave connected to your computer at all times. With the dock, you would simply place your camera in the dock and pictures would be uploaded to your computer. Docks also have the added benefit of charging your camera's battery while pictures are being uploaded.