How to Use Yahoo! Groups

by Contributor

Yahoo! groups are a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. You can also make new friends with this online forum. You can easily share news, photos, calendars and polls as well as other items with other members of the same Yahoo! group. There are Yahoo! groups for every topic imaginable.

Set up a Yahoo! mail account if you don't already have one. The Yahoo! ID for this account becomes the name of any Yahoo! group you set up on your own, plus it serves as your Yahoo! ID for any Yahoo! groups you join.

Go to the main Yahoo! page (see Resources below). Sign in with your Yahoo! ID. Click "Groups" from the column on the left. Click on the "Start Your Group" link.

Pick a group category for your group. You can either search for possible categories or browse through the list. Click "Place My Group Here" once you find the right category for your Yahoo! group.

Enter the name of your group in the box. Next enter your email address. Use your Yahoo! email for this. Now write a brief description of your group. Click "Continue" when you finish this step.

Choose your email preferences in the next step and set up your profile. Only put the information that you wish to be visible to the public. Yahoo! then asks you to type in the code that you see on the screen. Click "Continue" when you finish.

Customize your group from the next screen. You can choose who can join, who can post and whether the group is public or private. You can also set which web features you wish to use. Use the Yahoo! wizard to customize your group.

Invite friends to join your Yahoo! group. Send them an email letting them know how to sign up. The information is available on your new Yahoo! group website.

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