How to Use X-Lite With Skype

by Steve Brachmann

X-Lite and Skype are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs that enable users to make phone calls and participate in video conferencing over the Internet. Although they perform similar functions, the two programs are not compatible by default – Skype is a proprietary application, while X-Lite relies on public domain Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, technology to place calls. Users of X-Lite and Skype can communicate with one another once the receiving party installs and correctly configures a telecommunications bridging program.


Download a telecommunications bridging program capable of connecting VoIP calls from SIP applications such as X-Lite to Skype. Asterisk and sipLite are two such programs (see Resources). Install the bridging software on your computer.


Configure the SIP account used by X-Lite. From the SIP Account Settings menu, set up your display name, username, password and authorization username.


Edit the settings for your telecommunications bridging software to enable Skype-to-SIP VoIP calling. With Asterisk, you’ll have to edit the software configuration files and add the account information for your X-Lite account as an extension near the bottom of the file. SipLite and similar programs allow you to configure SIP account information directly through a setup menu. If you want to convert Skype calls to SIP for X-Lite, you must select the "Skype -> SIP" setup menu option.


Provide your telecommunications bridging software account information to Skype users with whom you want to communicate via X-Lite. When these users call your configured software, their calls will be forwarded to your X-Lite account.


  • close Do not over-edit an application's configuration files. Careless editing can cause a program to malfunction and the software will have to be re-installed.

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