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WordPress is a software and service that can be downloaded and incorporated into your website. WordPress is most commonly used for blogging sites because of its ease of use and dummy proof options. If you have web hosting then you are able to use WordPress. Using WordPress and creating a website from its software is not difficult and it will set your site apart from and type sites.

Go to your hosting company's website and log into your account. Make sure you are at the control panel of your user profile once you are logged in.

Scroll through the control panel or profile options until you see WordPress. Depending on what type of hosting service you have it will be listed in the "Software/Services" section of the control panel.

Click on the WordPress icon and choose whether you want to install a new version or import an existing installation.

Check you email for a message from WordPress with your user name and password. This is what you will use to access your WordPress account. You may always have the option to change the default generated password into your own code.

Log into your WordPress account. Click "Appearance on the left hand toolbar and select "Add New Themes. Choose which theme options you want and click "Find Themes" to find a theme. Click "Install > Install Now > Activate" to enable a theme. You may also disable themes by going to "Appeareance > Themes > Delete."

Go to "Plug-ins > Add New Plug-ins" to search for plug-ins to add to your sites. Plug-ins may offer the latest Twitter Tools or even SEO for you website.

Explore the options on the "Dashboard." Do not be afraid to edit your site's PHP by going to "Appearance and clicking "Editor." However if you choose to do this make sure you copy and paste the HTML code into a .Doc file so you can save a backup. Although WordPress is an extremely easy to use software it does not mean that it is error free.


  • check Go to "Edit Post > Post Title" and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Choose a that date that you want to save to if you want to back up a file from a previous date.
  • check Try deleting and old theme and installing a new one if you are experiencing errors with your site.

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