How to Use WordPerfect

by Contributor

There was a time when WordPerfect was the top word processing software--that was before Microsoft Word. Whatever the reason for the popularity of Word, there are still some that prefer Wordperfect and the following will explain how to use it.

Find where you can buy WordPerfect. There are stores such as CompUSA and OfficeMax, where you can find WordPerfect. There are sites on the Internet where you can purchase it as well.

Locate a tutorial. There are places online where you can take a tutorial. This will prepare you for the features you can find in WordPerfect. There is a link in the Resource section that will take you to a tutorial.

Decide what you need the software for. Although Word may have many features, some of WordPerfect's features are superior. Tables and graphs are easier to do in WordPerfect than in Word.

Learn the software that your clients use. If you find the majority of your clients are using WordPerfect than it will be your wisest choice. Likewise, if your clients are using Word than you would be better using Word. However, if your client wants certain things accomplished that you know are easier to do in Wordperfect than you would be better trying to get them to switch.

Prepare everyday tasks. If you are only using word processing software for your own personal use, you can try both products and decide which one is better for your purposes. However, WordPerfect is as good, if not better, than Microsoft Word and can fulfill your every need.

Compare the cost. A deciding factor if you are using a word processor for you own use is to compare prices. Obviously if you are using it for business purposes you may need to use whatever you clients dictate.


  • check The reveal codes in WordPerfect are invaluable. They can tell you why your document does not look exactly as it should.

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