How to Use Word Pad

by Paul Kemp

WordPad is the standard text-editing program that comes stock with any Windows-based PC. The program might not be flashy or offer quite as many options as the Word software that comes as a part of Microsoft's Office suite, but the program is more than sufficient for most users' word processing needs. Documents created in WordPad can also be viewed in most other common word processors.

Launch WordPad on your computer by bringing up the "Start" menu and selecting "All Programs." From here select "Accessories-> WordPad." The program will open to a new document window with a standard text field. The flashing cursor in the field indicates where your text will appear when typed.

Set the desired formatting for your text in the dropdowns above the ruler. Here you can choose font, style, size and other options for your text. More comprehensive text formatting can be done from the "Format" selection in the Toolbar.

Type out your text. You can adjust the indentation on your text by clicking and dragging the lower carrot with the square below it on the left-hand side of the ruler.

Highlight any text that you would like to re-format or format differently by clicking and dragging along it and adjusting the format fields as necessary.

Save your document by selecting "File-> Save" from the Toolbar. Enter a name and location for the file and click "Save."

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Paul Kemp is a writer and former political junkie. He has written copy for university publications and professional organizations. He is currently working on a book and screenplay about his time on the campaign trail during the 2008 election and teaches test prep classes.