How to use Internet Explorer within Google Chrome Browser

by Chris Hoffman

Some websites, particularly ones which use ActiveX controls, are only compatible with Internet Explorer. If you use Google Chrome and don't want to open a separate Internet Explorer window for these websites, you can install a third-party add-on that runs Internet Explorer in a tab inside your Google Chrome Web browser. These add-ons only work with Windows, because they embed the Internet Explorer software on your system inside a tab. Each add-on is available for free from Google's Chrome Web Store.


Open the IE Tab, IE Tab Classic or Chrome IE Tab Multi add-on page on the Chrome Web Store at


Click the "Install" button on the page to install your add-on, then click the "Install" button in the dialog that appears, to confirm.


Browse to a Web page you want to use in Internet Explorer within Google Chrome.


Click the "IE Tab" or "Chrome IE Tab Multi" icons on the toolbar or the "IE Tab Classic" icon in your address bar to view the Web page in an Internet Explorer tab inside Google Chrome.


  • check Right-click your add-on's icon and select "Options" to open its settings page. You can specify websites that automatically run in an IE tab by adding their addresses to the Auto URLs, Websites or AutoURL Pattern box, depending on your add-on.

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