How to Use a Microsoft Wireless Mouse Receiver 1.0

By Andrew Mikael

A Microsoft Wireless Mouse requires a wireless receiver to communicate with a computer.
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The Microsoft Wireless Mouse receiver version 1.0 allows you to connect a Microsoft Wireless mouse through your computer's USB port. Most Microsoft wireless mice work with Windows 2000 and later as well as Mac operating systems, though they require different drivers.

Remove any conflicting mouse software from your computer. Certain third-party software can hinder the use of your Microsoft mouse. Uninstall the software by selecting it in the "Programs and Features" or "Add or Remove Programs" menu in the "Control Panel," depending on which version of Windows you have installed. For Mac operating systems, drag the program icon to the trash.

Download Microsoft's Intellipoint mouse drivers. From the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard web page, select your product, operating system and language, then click "Go" to navigate to the download page.

Run the downloaded file to install the driver.

Plug the receiver into an unused USB port on the computer. Place the receiver in a location close to the area where you wish to use the mouse, with an unobstructed line of sight.

Insert batteries into the wireless mouse, and synchronize the device with the receiver. For most Microsoft mice, press the button on the receiver, then press the "Connect Channel" button on the mouse. The receiver light will glow green to verify synchronization. Some products require no synchronization or have other methods. See the product's manual for specific information.