How to Use a Wireless Mouse Without Bluetooth (4 Steps)

By Oxana Fox

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Computer wireless mice have become a popular alternative to other devices that offer a restricted method of accessing your computer through a cord. A wireless mouse will give you more freedom boosting your productivity and efficiency. The Bluetooth technology uses a special radio frequency and protocol to get the wireless mouse to work. Not every computer or laptop supports this technology, however, and also the proper configuration of the Bluetooth device may be complicated for a novel user. The other type of wireless mouse uses a more universal and user-friendly technology that achieves the connection through a standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) compatible receiver.

Step 1

Purchase a wireless mouse with a USB receiver. Such a product is available in a large assortment at computer and electronics stores.

Step 2

Insert a wireless mouse receiver into an available USB port of your Desktop computer or laptop.

Step 3

Login to an administrator account in Windows.

Step 4

Install the mouse drivers using a CD enclosed with the mouse to achieve the proper functionality of the device.