How to Use WinZip to Extract Files From JAR

By Joshua Benjamin

"Java Archive" files, or .JAR files, are special types of compressed archives that typically contain various Java classes and data files. These files are not officially supported by WinZIP, a widely used archiving program for the PC, but can still be opened and extracted by the program in the same manner as a .ZIP file might be.

Download and install the latest version of WinZIP if you have not done so already. A link has been provided in the "Resources" section.

Open "My Computer" and browse to where the .JAR file is located on your hard drive.

Right-click the .JAR file and select "Open With." Select the "WinZIP" entry to open up a new window containing all the files inside the .JAR file.

Select the files you wish to extract from the .JAR file, then drag-and-drop them out of the WinZIP window and into your "My Computer" window. WinZIP will extract the files and copy them onto your hard drive.