How to Use WinRAR for Mac

by Greg Lindberg

Are you a new Mac user who is used to using the PC application WinRAR to unzip RAR files? You can simply download a version for Mac called MacRAR, which utilizes features similar to those of WinRAR. The program works like the Windows version in that you can choose the files to be converted from the program or click on the downloaded RAR file and the MacRAR zip program will automatically open.

Go to When using a Mac, you will automatically be directed to the Mac section of the website.

Search for "MacRAR." Click on the option for MacRAR 1.1. Carefully read the description and choose the version that is most appropriate for the Mac operating system that you are using.

Download and install MacRAR. Once installed, open the application to make sure it works properly before unzipping any RAR files.

Open RAR files into the conversion box, just as you would with WinRAR. Click on the "Browse" button to determine where the output of the converted file should be located. Click on the "Convert" button.

Items you will need