How to Use Winfax

by G.K. Bayne

WinFax is a software program for Windows designed to allow you to send and receive faxes using your computer, phone line and modem. Once installed, the option to send any document or photo as a fax will be available by choosing WinFax from the drop-down printer selection in any application. WinFax can be purchased in either a basic or a pro edition; the basic edition is generally fine for home use.

Install WinFax on your computer from either a disk or a downloaded executable file. Follow the instructions on the screen until the window says the program is installed. Reboot your computer.

Click on the WinFax configuration icon on your desktop after the computer has rebooted. A window will ask you to identify your computer name and ask for your fax number and phone number. These numbers can be the same if you only have one phone line into your home. Reboot your computer again for these changes to take effect and for the fax driver to fully install.

Click on the WinFax icon on the desktop to open the message center. If you need to enter calling card information or reconfigure your modem or other options, click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Program Setup’. Click on any needed options in the window that pops up to change or add information.

Close the application when it is set up to your personal preferences.

Open any document that you want to fax. Click on the ‘Print’ option on the file menu. Click on the arrow in the drop-down box beside the default printer selection. You will see the option for WinFax; highlight Winfax. Confirm that the screen says that the document will print to WinFax and click "OK."

Fill in the necessary information when the WinFax screen pops up. It will ask whom you want to send the fax to, the phone number, company name and the subject of the fax. Winfax will create the cover page for you from the information you provide.

Click on the ‘Send’ icon on the task bar when everything is filled out. This is just like sending an email, only it sends the document to another fax machine instead.

Receive faxes by starting the Winfax program by clicking on the desktop icon or allowing the program to begin at start-up and remaining active in your system tray.


  • check Always remember to have your phone line connected to your modem before attempting to send any fax.
  • check There are a number of features in the pro edition of WinFax, such as sending faxes through email, that are not available in the basic edition.
  • check If you send or receive faxes only occasionally, it is best to start Winfax only when needed. As the program does take system resources, especially memory, running it only when needed saves the resources for other programs.

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