How to Use a Webcam as a Security Camera

by J.S. Copper

Many laptops come with built-in webcams these days, and the prices of stand-alone webcams are continually dropping as their quality improves. This paves the way for a high-end security camera setup for a fraction of the cost. Using your webcam as a home security camera is quite simple, and this guide will show you to accomplish that feat for nothing more than the cost of the webcam itself.

Install your webcam. Instructions should have come with the camera or should be available on the manufacturer's website. Point the camera toward the area to be monitored.

Download and install Dorgem. See Resources for direct link.

Run the application. Select your webcam from the drop-down menu.

Select "Preview." Adjust the camera's settings if needed. Select "Source" if you need to adjust contract or brightness.

Select "Options." Check the box marked "Use Motion Detection" and hit "Ok."

Select "Store Settings," "File," "Ok."

Enter a name that refers to the area you are monitoring. "Enable" should be checked off. The Interval should be set to 2 seconds. Set the save folder by selecting "..." and select "Save." Select "Ok," "Close."

Test the application by moving in front of the camera. Do this for at least 2 minutes. Check the folder you selected previously; the image captures should be stored.


  • check The Help menu of the Dorgem application has an exhaustive amount of resources for your troubleshooting needs.


  • close Keep in mind the desired area to monitor when purchasing a webcam. You may need a USB extension cord to safely monitor an area without having your computer on display for thieves.

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