How to Use My Webcam on My Dell Latitude D830

by Naoma Serna

The Dell Latitude D830 series laptop is a mid-sized business-use laptop and comes with a 2.0 dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and an 80 GB hard drive. The D-series model does not come with an integrated webcam. It does have a light sensor just under the display that is often confused with an internal webcam. To add webcam capability to the D830, you need to attach an external USB webcam, preferably one that clips to the top or side of the laptop screen.


Insert the driver CD that came packaged with the webcam in the computer's CD device. Wait for the installation wizard to start.


Supply the information being requested by the installation wizard. This is usually your name and email address to register the webcam.


Connect the USB webcam to a free USB port on the computer when the installation wizard prompts you to do so.


Click "Finish" and wait for the USB camera installation to complete the camera installation.


Insert the USB camera connector in the computer USB port after the installation finishes, if the program never prompted for the insertion.


Clip the camera to the top or side of the laptop screen. Start the chat or Skype application and start a video call.

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