How to Use a SanDisk With a Wake Up Your Phone Adapter

By Amy McClain

An adapter usually comes with your microSD card.
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SanDisk microSD cards are designed to fit directly into your mobile phones' memory card reader slot. These tiny memory cards are used to give your phone additional storage space for extra pictures, videos, games or music. Available in capacities up to 32 gigabytes, the SanDisk cards are capable of storing a lot of information. Many come packaged with an adapter, enabling you to use the microSD card in devices that accept larger miniSD cards.

Remove the microSD card from your phone. The location of the memory card slot varies by phone make and model. Typically the slot will be located under your phone's battery door, or under a labeled hinged compartment on the side housing of the phone. A card located under a battery door can usually be removed by sliding it out of its dedicated slot. MicroSD cards that are inserted into the side of the phone are generally in a slot that is spring-loaded. Press lightly on the edge of the card that is facing you, and it will be released, allowing easy removal.

Insert the microSD card into the mini SD adapter. Hold the adapter with the metal contacts facing down and away from you. You will see an opening in the side of the adapter facing you. Insert the microSD card into this opening, metal contacts first and facing down. The adapter can now be inserted into any device with a miniSD card slot.

Insert the adapter into your desktop or laptop's SD card reader to transfer pictures and music from your phone to your computer. You can also put the card into a digital camera to add additional storage space to the camera's memory.