How do I Use Vonage With Satellite Internet?

by Deronte' Smith

Only a few years ago, home phone service was only available through what we know as land lines, an intricate network of phone cables stretching along telephone poles. With advances in digital technology, home phone service became available through companies such as Vonage, Sprint, Windstream, and Net2Phone. These companies utilize a technology know as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) whereby software accompanying a special receiver allows your home phone to operate over the Internet. Service providers, such as Vonage, can work in concert with your satellite Internet service.


Plug your Phone Adapter and Cable/ DSL Receiver into power outlets.


Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the Cable/DSL receiver. Connect the opposite end of the cable to a LAN (Local Area Network) port located on the back of the phone adapter.


Connect one end of a second Ethernet cable to a second LAN port on the phone adapter. It makes no difference which port you plug the cable into.


Connect the opposite end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer, usually located on the backside.


Place the Installation Software CD into your computer's CD-ROM. Follow the Instruction Wizard for installation. When finished click "Complete." The software will create an icon for your VOIP service on your desktop for ease of use.


Connect the phone line from your phone's base to the "phone" port on the phone adapter. Pick up your phone; you should hear a dial-tone. You can begin placing calls.


  • check Additional steps will be required if you are connecting to your Internet with a wireless router.
  • check Check with your VOIP's Customer Service department if you are unable to obtain a dial-tone as VOIP phone adapters are occasionally defective.
  • check You can run the phone line from the Phone Adapter to the phone jack (instead of the base of the phone) which will allow each phone jack to operate with VOIP.

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