How to Use Versa Check With Quickbooks

By Jackie Lohrey

VersaCheck is a software application that enables users to create and print checks using a home or business computer. VersaCheck's parent company, G7 Productivity Systems, created a version specifically for QuickBooks that installs separately but works within the printer dialog inside the QuickBooks program. This version of the software requires an installation CD you can purchase at the manufacturer's website.

Install VersaCheck Software

Step 1

Insert the installation CD into your CD-ROM drive. Installation should begin immediately, but if it does not, click the Windows Start button and type in d:\cdsetup.exe in the Search text box.

Step 2

Follow the instructions to install the VersaCheck for QuickBooks program. During setup, VersaCheck will add your default printer as the printer it will use for printing all QuickBooks checks. If you use a separate printer for printing checks, set it as your default printer before installing VersaCheck.

Register the VersaCheck software. Launch the program from the icon VersaCheck places on your desktop and click “Help” on the main menu bar. Register VersaCheck software online by clicking “Register software.”

Print a Test Check

Step 1

Start the “Test Check” wizard. Click “Print” on the main menu and then select “Print Test” to access the “Test Check” wizard. Click the “Print” button to print a test check you can use to verify alignment and placement of bank information.

Step 2

Align the bank code section of the check. If the bank code line on your check showing the bank routing and account number is out of line, click the sample layout at the top of the page that most closely matches yours and adjust using the arrow buttons in the adjustment section. Click the “Preview” button to view the check, readjust if necessary, and then click “Next” to advance to the next screen.

Confirm general check alignment. If any check lines appear too far in any direction, use the arrow keys in the adjustment section to align the check to the correct position. Click the “Preview” button to view the check, readjust if necessary, and then click “Finish” to exit the wizard.

Print Checks from QuickBooks

Step 1

Open QuickBooks and write a check, then select “Print Checks.” Select “VersaCheck Printer” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2

Select the bank account to use for printing the check. VersaCheck will list all bank accounts you have set up in QuickBooks in a drop-down box, so if you use more than one account for writing checks, select the correct account. VersaCheck also displays the check number it will use, so verify this and change if necessary.

Load the printer and click “Print” to print your check.