How to Use Verizon's Wireless Sync

by Contributor

In this fast-paced world, you want the ability to communicate in any mode and manage our tasks all at your fingertips. Email, voicemail, phone, calendar: you want access at a moment's notice, in both your business and your personal life. You can have this instant access with Verizon Wireless Sync. Information between your desktop PC and wireless device can be synchronized when you use Verizon Wireless Sync.

Own a compatible mobile device that works with Verizon Wireless Sync (SmartPhone or PDA). Create a Wireless Sync account through the Wireless Sync website. Download the Wireless Sync software onto your desktop PC and phone.

Go to "Configure Account" and select the services you wish to use. You can add more than one computer or phone device, access and retrieve both personal and work email and receive directly from POP3/IMAP connections.

Select the Sync icon on your mobile device. This will open the Verizon Wireless Sync menu. From there, you can click on Email, Contacts, Calendar, Notes or Files, depending on what you wish to do.

Reply to, forward or delete emails (which will also be deleted from your PC when done through the mobile device and vice versa), check or edit contacts, make changes to your calendar or even change the settings of your Wireless Sync account (by choosing the Settings icon) all from your mobile device.

Make changes to any files you have synchronized with your mobile device. Save these changes and they will be made on your mobile device as well. You can select which files to have synchronized to avoid having all files in sync when this is not needed.

Change appointments, edit contacts or add to your tasks on your PC and these will be updated automatically on your mobile device. As with email messages and files, you can make changes to any of these on your mobile device and they will change on your PC as well.


  • check Set up Wireless Sync to have emails sent to your mobile phone automatically, referred to as "push" email.
  • check In addition to Verizon Wireless devices, Wireless Sync works with specific Motorola, Samsung and Palm Treo mobile devices as well.
  • check Choose Verizon Wireless Sync for Small Business software if you're going to be using Wireless Sync mainly for business. This software supports up to 20 email accounts.