How to Use a Verizon Wireless Pay As You Go Cell Phone

By Darcy Logan

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Verizon's "pay as you go" is called daily prepaid. Instead of a monthly charge, you are charged a daily access fee and/or by the minute. You should familiarize yourself with the different plans to choose the plan that will be the cheapest for you. If circumstances change and you need to use the phone more or less, you can change your plan. Verizon offers a number of different phones that you can use with different features, but some functions are universal to all Verizon phones. These features can help you monitor your phone usage and make payments.

Step 1

Learn the different terms Verizon uses for charges in their plans. Mobile-to-mobile means calls or text messages to and from other Verizon Wireless users. Calls to non-Verizon phones are referred to as "Additional Minutes" for some plans. Night minutes are from 9:01p.m. until 5:59 a.m. daily. Weekend minutes begin on Saturday at 12:00 a.m. and end Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. Additional charges may also be added for using mobile Web, picture or video messaging and roaming charges.

Step 2

Purchase a prepaid wireless Verizon phone. Some dual-mode or tri-mode CDMA GPS-compatible Verizon handsets that were previously used with a monthly plan may be used as a prepaid phone. But some of the features and services of the phone may not be available. To see if your phone can be used, check with your local Verizon Wireless store or call the Verizon Wireless Sales Department at 800-256-4646.

Step 3

Activate the phone online by visiting To activate your phone online, you will need your Electronic Serial Number or a Mobile Equipment Identifier located on your phone under the battery. You'll also need to select your area code and a prepaid phone plan.

Step 4

Change your prepaid plan by going to or on your phone by pressing up on the directional key. You can also change plans by going to a Verizon Wireless retail store or by calling Prepaid Customer Care at 888-294-6804.

Step 5

Refill the funds on your plan by calling *611 from your phone and using a major credit or debit card or a Verizon refill card.

Step 6

Monitor your data usage by dialing # Min and pressing SEND on your wireless phone. This allows you to obtain balances, check your plan's expiration date and view real time usage of minutes, text and data usage.

Step 7

Make a payment before the expiration date. If you don't, you will lose any unused balance you have on your account, along with your cellphone number. The money in your account will "expire," depending on how much money you add to your account. If you add less than $30, the payment expires in 30 days unless you make another payment before the expiration date. Payments between $30 and $74.99 expire in 90 days, between $75 and 99.99 in 180 days and $100 or more in 365 days.