How to Use a Verizon Fios Router for Cablevision

By Patrick Nelson

Plug one end into the Cablevision modem.
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Often it's not worth it for Internet Service Providers to pick up used routers and other equipment when a contract is terminated, particularly with a business account where the equipment may not have been taken care of as well as in a home. If Verizon has told you it doesn't want its FIOS fiber-optic modem router back, you can use it as an economical wired and wireless router with another ISP, like Cablevision.

Step 1

Plug the Verizon FIOS router into the Cablevision modem that was supplied by Cablevision. Use an Ethernet cable, which is the cable with overlarge telephone plug-like connectors. Plug one end into the Cablevision modem and the other into the port on the FIOS router labeled "WAN." Ignore the coaxial screw-like connector on the Verizon router --- Verizon uses that for fiber-supplied TV output, not cable input.

Step 2

Perform a factory reset of the Verizon router by pressing the "Reset" button on the back of the router with a ballpoint pen for at least five seconds. This will erase any Verizon-specific settings. Reboot the Cablevision modem.

Step 3

Plug a laptop or computer into one of the available ports on the router with another Ethernet cable. Open a browser and navigate to, the default address for the router control panel. Enter the default User ID "admin" and password "password" or "password1." Take a look at the "My Router" panel and you'll see that the router has a "Connected" Ethernet status. The "Connection Type" will be "DHCP" and the IP address drawn from Cablevision will be listed.

Step 4

Plug in any further computers into available router ports on the Verizon router and set up the "Wireless Settings" if you use Wi-Fi. Open the "Wireless Settings" tab and enable the radio if it isn't already. Write down the "SSID" and connect to it with laptops and devices. Set any security settings you'd like at this tab too.