How to Use a Verizon Actiontec Router as a Cable Router

by Jim Campbell
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The Verizon Actiontec router is typically used with the Verizon broadband service, but you can use a Verizon broadband router for an alternative cable company's service. The router connects to the cable company's coax cable, and you set the router for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to pick up your cable service's IP settings. This is beneficial when you order cable service and want to save money on the modem purchase.

Step 1

Connect the coax cable from your cable line on the wall to your router's coax connection. Use the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet connection, and use the other end to connect to either your computer or another router. Typically, the cable router is connected to a secondary router. The secondary router connects all of your home computers together.

Step 2

Click the Windows "Start" button on one of the computers connected to the network. Click "All Programs," then click "Internet Explorer." Your web browser opens.

Step 3

Type "" into the address text box and press "Enter." You connect to the router's main console. In the main router console, make sure that "DHCP" is checked. If not, select this option. DHCP grabs an IP address automatically from the cable company's service.

Close your browser and reboot your computer. The router assigns an IP address to your computer, and the computer uses the router to connect to the cable company. To check your connection, open Internet Explorer again and navigate to a website.


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