How to Use an AT&T Uverse Router with a Vonage VoIP

By Qyou Stoval

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AT&T Uverse is a technology using fiber-optic cabling to provide fast Internet connection. This increased Internet speed will allow a fast, consistent signal when using your Vonage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Unfortunately, when setting up your router you may experience technical difficulties considering the Vonage VoIP adapter and Uverse are both routers. There may be two options available when structuring your AT&T router with the Vonage setup.

Connection Option 1

Step 1

Take one Ethernet cable that came with your Vonage router and connect it to the Ethernet port labeled "Internet" and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port labeled "Internet" in the back of your AT&T Uverse router.

Step 2

Take another Ethernet cable and connect one end of it to your computer's available Ethernet port and plug the other end into an available Ethernet port in the back of the AT&T Uverse router.

Step 3

Plug a telephone jack from the back of your Vonage adapter into the landline telephone you plan to use. Pick up your receiver to your telephone a check for a dial tone.

Connection Option 2

Step 1

Connect your Uverse router's Ethernet cable from one end of the router labeled "Internet" into the back of your nearest computer Ethernet port.

Step 2

Plug your telephone cord into the back of your router/modem and into your nearest telephone outlet.

Step 3

Connect one Ethernet cable from the back of your Vonage router labeled "Internet" into an available port on your Uverse router.

Step 4

Plug a telephone line from the back of your Vonage router into your chosen landline phone. Attempt make a call.