How to Use a USB to Recharge a Wireless Mouse

by James Clark
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A cordless mouse runs on rechargeable batteries located in a compartment behind the control buttons toward the back of the device. The batteries can be recharged by connecting the mouse with a USB cable to a computer. The computer sends a small electrical current through the USB connection to recharge the batteries so the mouse can be free to roam the desktop in a few hours.

Step 1

Confirm that the batteries are properly installed. The battery cover slides off the top-back of the mouse to reveal two AAA-size rechargeable batteries. Both must be installed in the battery compartment in order to recharge.

Step 2

Insert the USB mini-plug into the jack on the cordless mouse, typically located along the front edge. The plug inserts in one direction only.

Connect the opposite end of the cable into a free USB port on the computer. Leave the mouse to charge for the length of time recommended by the battery manufacturer.


  • Use only rechargeable batteries in a cordless mouse. Regular batteries can burst or leak when connected to an electrical current, potentially ruining the mouse.


  • The mouse will recharge faster if turned off while connected to the USB cable. The on-off switch is typically located on the flat underside of the mouse.
  • Charge batteries overnight so the mouse will be ready for action the next morning.


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