How to Use a USB Controller on Combat Arms

By Stephen Lilley

"Combat Arms" is a free online first-person shooter video game designed for use with both PCs and Mac computers. Players have two options as to how to control a Combat Arms game: use your computer's existing keyboard or a USB controller, making the experience feel more like a console game as opposed to a computer game. Using a USB controller in Combat Arms requires some configuration.

Plug your USB controller into your computer. Windows will automatically recognize and enable the controller for use during applications (such as Combat Arms) that support such a device.

Launch Combat Arms using its shortcut icon in the "Start" menu.

Select "Settings."

Select "Controller Setup." You will see a listing of controls, as well as the current keyboard key that lets you activate each control in the game. Click on an action. For example, click on the "Fire" action in the list. Then, press the button on your USB keyboard that you want to use to perform that action. This will assign that button to that action. Repeat this process for all other buttons on your USB controller. When you're finished, you can use your USB controller to play Combat Arms.