How to Use a Normal TV Remote to Control a Laptop (4 Steps)

By Stephen Lilley

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If your laptop computer has an infrared remote port installed in its case, you can use a normal universal television remote control along with certain programs like Windows Media Player, iTunes or Windows Media Center. All you have to do is find out the remote code for your model of laptop computer and then enter that information into your universal remote control during "Setup" mode.

Step 1

Locate your laptop computer's infrared port remote code. This information will be listed in the section of your laptop's user manual that talks about the port and what it can do.

Step 2

Put your universal remote in "Setup" mode. This happens in a few different ways. Which way you'll use will depend on which type of universal remote you have, so consult your manual for instructions on how to put your unit in "Setup" mode.

Step 3

Enter your laptop computer's remote code into your universal remote using the numerical buttons on the remote's face.

Step 4

Exit "Setup" mode on your universal remote control. Typically this happens by pressing "Setup" again, or a "Stop" or "Exit" button. Once this is done, you can now use your universal TV remote to control compatible programs on your laptop.