How to Use a Transflash Adapter

By Quinten Plummer

If you want to stock your mobile device's memory card with media content from your computer, you can use a transflash adapter to convert your micro SD card (transflash card) to the standard SD memory card size. Then you can modify or copy the contents of your transflash cards conveniently from your desktop or laptop computer.

Insert your transflash (micro SD) card into your transflash adapter. The gold contacts at the bottom of both the transflash card and transflash adapter should be facing down as you insert the transflash card into its adapter.

Slide the "Lock" button--located on the left side of the transflash adapter--down to the "Lock" position to prevent your transflash card's data from being overwritten if you're simply copying data from the card to your computer. Leave the lock button disengaged if you will be adding or erasing data on your transflash card.

Insert the transflash adapter--containing the transflash card--into your computer's SD memory card slot. If your computer doesn't have an SD memory card slot, insert the transflash combination into a USB memory card reader, with the gold contacts of the transflash adapter facing down. Insert the USB card reader into a USB port on your computer.

Allow your computer a few seconds to recognize your device and to scan its contents. When your operating system presents you with its auto-launch options, choose the option to view the contents of the newly inserted device. A folder will launch, displaying the contents of your transflash card. Drag and drop files to and from the folder to modify the contents of your transflash card.