How to Use a Trackpad to Sign Digital Signatures

By Mark Robinson

A standalone trackpad is a handy device for those who want the usefulness of an ordinary trackpad without having a laptop attached. Users can create and add actual signatures to their digital documents. The “Autograph” signature capture program can be used in conjunction with the trackpad for digitally signing documents, as well as creating quick sketches and gestures.

Step 1

Open “Autograph” by double-clicking the program’s icon in the “Applications” folder. Open a blank document in “TextEdit” or another text editor that supports pasted graphics. This will allow you to paste the signature directly into the text editor after creating the signature.

Step 2

Click the “Autograph” icon in the top-left corner of the menu bar and select “Autograph Now.” Sign your name on the trackpad using your fingers or a stylus. The movement will be recorded and shown on the preview pad on-screen.

Step 3

Press “Escape” to discard the signature and start over. If you are satisfied with your signature, press “Enter to Accept." This finalizes the signature and automatically pastes it to your opened text editor.