How to Use Track Changes in Word 2007

By Danielle Cort

Track Changes helps individuals to collaborate on a document.
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Gone are the days of trying to make sense of reviewers' scribbles in the margins of your document. Word can keep track of all the different comments and changes electronically and provide you with a single document containing all the changes. Word assigns different colors to each reviewer of a document, making it easy to tell who made what change. As the author of the document receiving those changes, you can review what others have included in your document.

Making Changes

Open the Word document you want to edit.

Click the "Review" tab on the ribbon and then click "Track Changes" to turn it on. The status bar at the bottom of Word will indicate that Track Changes is on.

Add, insert or delete text as you normally would. Word will show your changes in the text in a different color and place a vertical line in the left margin to indicate lines that have changes in them.

Place your cursor at the point where you want to make a comment and click the "New Comment" button on the ribbon. Word inserts a comment balloon in the right margin with your initials in brackets. Type a comment after your initials, and then click outside the comment box when finished.

Turn Track Changes off by clicking the "Track Changes" button again if you no longer want to make any more changes. Turning Track Changes off won't remove or hide the changes you made up to that point.

Reviewing Changes

Open the Word document with tracked changes you want to review.

Click the "Review" tab on the ribbon and click "Original Showing Markup" from the drop-down box in the "Tracking" group if you don't see any tracked changes in your document. Word will show all the changes that a reviewer made to the document. Word will automatically highlight the first change so that you can begin reviewing from the beginning of the document.

Click "Accept" or "Reject" in the "Changes" group to go through each change, one at a time. To accept all changes without reviewing them one by one, click the down arrow under the "Accept" button and click "Accept All Changes in Document." To reject all changes without reviewing them one by one, click the down arrow next to the "Reject" button and click "Reject All Changes in Document."

Click the "Next" button in the "Changes" group to skip any changes you don't want to deal with at the moment. Any changes you skip will remain in the document until you accept or reject them. Click "Previous" to return to an earlier change.