How to Use a TracFone's Camera

By Joseph Rodriguez

TracFone Wireless provides cellular service to consumers not interested in binding contracts.
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Wireless cellular devices have revolutionized the ways people across the globe communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. TracFone Wireless' no-contract services provide users with cellular devices that operate under predetermined usage guidelines that are purchased at the consumer's discretion. Many of the company's devices are equipped with built-in cameras that allow users to capture, store, and share images.

Taking a Picture

Locate the cell phone's camera aperture, usually located on the back of the device. If using a TracFone flip phone, a cell phone with a swiveling lid, you can usually find the camera on the back of the pop-up display screen.

Locate the device's camera control screen by pressing the "Menu" button. Use the toggle buttons to locate the "Media" section and then "Camera" or "Take a Picture." Some TracFone models may be equipped with a camera key located on the cell phone's key pad. Press this button to view the camera control screen.

Use the key pad controls to select the "Capture" icon in the camera control window. This icon is usually indicated by a red circle.

Viewing and Sending Files

Use the device's keypad to enter the cell phone's "Gallery" in the camera control window. Use the TracFone's key pad to scroll through the available images.

Send image files by pressing the "Options" icon and then "Send." If you have picture messaging enabled on your TracFone plan, you can send images to another cell phone by entering the seven-digit number of the cell phone to wgich you wish to transfer.

If you have not enabled picture messaging through your TracFone plan, you can send files to an accessible email address by pressing "Send" and entering the valid email address, including the "at" or "@" symbol in combination with the mail provider, into the address field.