How to Use Touchpad Default Settings on a HP Laptop

by David Wayne

A Hewlett Packard laptop's default touchpad settings enable you to perform all the functions of a mouse, as well as application-specific functions such as zooming and window rotation. Windows automatically installs the Synaptic TouchPad driver, which includes a control panel for editing your default settings.

Controlling the Desktop Cursor

The touchpad is much smaller than a computer monitor, so it doesn't correspond exactly to your desktop's X and Y coordinates. When you tap an area of the touchpad, the cursor doesn't jump to the corresponding area of the screen, but instead moves in the direction you drag your finger. Tapping the touchpad once performs a single mouse click, while tapping twice performs a double-click. To right-click, you must press the right hardware button below the touchpad. To drag an object, you must either hold down the left hardware button while swiping the touchpad or tap the item twice to select it, drag it to its destination and let go of the touchpad to drop the object.

Controlling Applications With Gestures

Use two-finger gestures to control aspects of compatible applications. Rotate an image by turning your thumb and forefinger clockwise or counterclockwise on the touchpad. Scroll a window vertically or horizontally by dragging two fingers along the touchpad in the direction you want to scroll. Zoom in by dragging your thumb and forefinger toward each other on the touchpad, and zoom out by dragging them away from each other.

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